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A Man’s Retreat

Setting. Located in the lower region of Mississippi is a 4,000-acre retreat of lush pine, natural growth, morning steam rising from surrounding natural lakes, and fields of the brush… perfect for the quail hunts.

Longleaf Plantation is a sportsman’s respite, true to the tradition of the Old South and a time when gentlemen would gather together and indulge in lively sport, impeccable Southern cuisine, much needed relaxation, and all-around camaraderie, culminating with the classic Bobwhite Quail Hunt as the apex of the festivities.

Longleaf pays homage to these rich days of old, and then some, making it the perfect retreat for business, pleasure, or both. In fact, at Longleaf, it’s quite likely you’ll find what you’re seeking before the hunt even begins.

When RARE began the branding process for Longleaf, it was clear that this wasn’t just a retreat. It’s a place for total escape. A place where you can get back to your childlike outdoor play. Post-brand development, RARE had the┬áprivilege┬áto design collateral. Longleaf is the full experience. All senses engaged to the fullest.

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