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CNN Money Wants to Know, “Why Here?”

Hattiesburg was selected by CNNMoney as one of the year’s Best Places To Launch, and look who they chose to talk to….

Here’s the text from the feature:

Why I Launched Here

RARE Design does graphic design and advertising work, but we’ve really become specialists in the brand experience. When I opened RARE, I had a goal that 50% of our business would be local or regional and 50%, national. Today we’ve realized that goal, in that while we work with many local small businesses, we also get to work on a national stage – like the new RipCity graphics and uniform we just designed for the Portland Trailblazers.

Hattiesburg, for me, was a life decision more than a strategic business decision. My wife and I are both from South Mississippi, and we went to school at Southern Miss. Yes, I had the amazing opportunity to work for Nike out in Portland, but there comes a time when you begin to recognize where your roots are. And for us, that’s here. The more we looked, the more the benefits of living in this region started to stand out to us. For instance, we couldn’t buy a ditch in Portland for what we could buy a house in Hattiesburg — but the salaries really weren’t all that different. And here in Hattiesburg, I can very quickly get a meeting, or a phone call, or a face-to-face with our local government and civic leaders. They’re very attentive to our concerns, and certainly not just from a level of placating us. Even in small ways, there’s been a personal investment to help small businesses such as ours. -Sheena Harrison

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