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Fall for Art!

There’s a crispness in the air that greets the morning sun, a feeling of anticipation, a new day has begun. Harvest days are ending, winter is drawing near, yet in between is surely the most special time of year. They call it Indian Summer, and it seems to fit the bill, for it’s as if the Lord took a feathered brush and painted all the hills. So I say that the eyes are a window, beauty is found within the soul, and upon the hills of Autumn, that are strewn with red and gold.

Fall is a sweet season and is by far the most beautiful time of year. The landscape is painted with the colors of warmth and the changing weather brings about a much needed and satisfying reprieve from our overheated Mississippi summers.

RARE works in partnership with the Hattiesburg Historic Downtown Association to bring each season’s ArtWalk to life. The campaigns for this year’s ArtWalks have been centered on the message of Discovering Downtown! There have been efforts over the past few years to bring back from the ruins two of Downtown Hattiesburg’s most prominent buildings, The Carter Building and The America Building. These two buildings have just now started to take on tenants and the life of downtown is starting to flourish once again!

We want people to come downtown and Discover! A great way to do that… come to Fall ArtWalk on October 12th, where great music, talented artists, and food that promises to delight will be awaiting!


RARE designed the overall yearly campaign as well as the creative for Spring, Fall and Holiday. Pictured are the posters and handbills that will be peppered all over the downtown and midtown areas of Hattiesburg.



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