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How about a place where the food is homemade, delicious, savory and just saturated in that southern style… look no further, my friend!

When Plaid Rhino first came to us, we could just feel the love these guys had for who Plaid Rhino was and what they can give. Our task was to take a look and figure out what made them so passionate. Then, deliver the tools to help communicate that story. We found it. And the delivery was fun… still is!

Plaid Rhino is a place where the food is beyond delicious, the beer is chilled to perfection & the whole pub is forgiving of child play! They are the “local spot” the “Family Pub” for the Hub City community, it’s families and the occasional traveler looking for the spirit and taste of The Pub. RARE’s task was to help infuse the spirit of the Family Pub into everything they do, creating a place where good people, great food, and fantastic stories come together. It was simple. The story was there. We just helped communicate that story!

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You might even want to find them on UrbanSpoon.

Why stop there? Find them on FourSquare and TripAdvisor while you’re at it!

After a top-to-bottom total rebrand, RARE had the pleasure of developing a cross-media advertising strategy, which included: web, social, mobile, traditional, and print messaging. Everything from the traditional and social mass media framework and design to get you there, down to the mint you grab headed out the door.

With a brand so full of passion, what else can you do but have a little fun! Maybe even have too much…

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