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Buzz City Pride


In the midst of the electricity and energy of the 2015 NBA draft, The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new black, sleeved “Pride” uniform to waiting fans. This is the fourth uniform for the newly relocated team and the first to feature sleeves. Fresh on the heels of last year’s successful rebrand, we had the honor of again working with the Jordan Brand, the team, and the league to create something that would resonate with fans and players alike. We set out to further tell the story of the Charlotte Hornets and bring the “Buzz City” theme to the forefront. Already a seed of an idea during the rebranding process, the project was highly anticipated by the team.

The all black uniform features the words “Buzz City” in white with a teal outline on the front of the jersey, and the Buzz City logo on the waistband of the shorts. The “Buzz City” phrase is a callout to the Hornets heritage and fan sentiment in the Charlotte area dating back to the 80’s. The uniform features pinstripes in a teal-white-teal pattern running down both sides of the jersey and shorts, crossing at the bottom of the shorts just below a teal silhouette logo. Like the team’s white home, purple road and teal alternate uniforms, the Pride uniform features the crossover-style V-neck collar and logo on the waistband like the original Hornets uni.

Named the “Pride” uniform, the design is a tribute to Buzz City – the place, the city, the fans and the team. It’s a visual representation of the personality of the team and the energy of the fans. The color scheme is electric – the teal on black design exploding with life, action, and energy. Playing to the energy of the fans and the momentum of the franchise, this iteration of the Hornets story is set to generate some buzz in Buzz City! Fans can expect to see the new threads on the court as many as six times in the 2015-2016 season, so if you’re a fan, keep an eye out.

We’re pretty proud of how this project turned out, so take a look and see if you can’t catch them in action this season!








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