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Sacramento Kings

Welcome to the #NewEraOfPride for the Sacramento Kings! It was a great honor to work with this franchise as we discovered—and were inspired by—their passion and their vision for their team and their city. Not to mention their great love for their fans! Cheers to a great project and a great team!

SAC-full“When the Kings moved to Sacramento in 1985, the city was transformed. Today, we aim to do it again,” said Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé. “This brand kicks off a new era for our franchise as we move into the most technologically-advanced, most environmentally-friendly arena in the world. As Sacramento becomes the next great American city, this identity honors our heritage while moving us forward.”  Original Post. 

SAC Seconds

SAC Primary

SAC LionBall2

SAC Lion




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  1. Proud to be a Kings fan again!!!

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