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Smiles Ahead

It’s safe to say that not many of us have a ton of positive memories of going to the orthodontist. Braces? Headgear? No thanks. So when Smiles Ahead (a play on the owner’s last name, Head) approached us to create a logo that would make the idea of going to the orthodontist fun, friendly, and comfortable, we saw that as a unique challenge.


The owner had a New Orleans motif in her building, and wanted to capture that eclectic style in her identity. So, we knew it needed to be fun, kid-friendly, progressive, and have a hint of New Orleans flavor. Some of our early ideas ran the spectrum from a subtle New Orleans vibe through color and type, to lavish embellishments and crescent moons. Some were simple type treatments with a hint of a smile, and others were more elaborately detailed.

Eventually, the client landed on the simple, friendly moon icon, crafted out of wrought iron with a big beaming white smile. The subtle curves from the icon are echoed in the type, and the color scheme and small embellishments allow the lively, upbeat New Orleans vibe to pop through.


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