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Stories We Had Forgotten

RARE Design recently had the privilege of hosting an album release party for The Ekklesia Band, a folk band from the nearby Ekklesia Church. Led by RARE’s own Toby Barker and Lindsey Smith, the night boasted the skill and talent in the immediate community.  The group’s first album titled, “Stories We Had Forgotten,” is a modern tribute to the hymns of yesterday played with a stirring passion and musical strength that unearthed their ageless and enduring quality.

With over one hundred people in attendance, the show was a treat for everyone involved. The stage was set up “black box” style (the stage being in the the center of the room with seats on every side) creating a distinctly intimate atmosphere.  The performance, the content of the songs, and the venue itself all carried forward a strong sense of intimacy that was shared by all.

Attracting an diverse group of young and old, the performance was made possible by community. In the same way, all proceeds from the CD will support the community by going to the Neighbors Program at Hawkins Elementary (one of the most impoverished in Hattiesburg, MS.).

Be sure to check out the album on CD Baby, iTunes, or and remember a few songs you might have forgotten.

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