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The Atlanta Hawks


For a city as determined and innovative as Atlanta, the status quo won’t do. When the Atlanta Hawks approached us about growing their brand and identity, we knew that the new marks and system had to stand boldly at the cutting edge in the NBA.

The new primary logo boasts first-of-its-kind language incorporating the word “Club” in the roundel – a tribute to the many different parts that make up the organization. The new system also paves the way in uniform design. The jersey incorporates a never-before-seen sublimated feather pattern that carries the brand deep into the fabric of the team, with matching branded socks and laces complimenting the jersey and fleshing out the brand from head to toe.

Atlanta is a city of continual resurgence. Whether rising up after the destruction of the Civil War or continually pursuing regeneration and achievement, Atlanta refuses to be held down. The team’s new secondary logo pays tribute to that character and to the history of the city with the wings of a Hawk lifting a basketball from the flames – a proud symbol of Atlanta’s rise from the ashes.

In another bold declaration of Atlanta’s maverick personality, the team revisited the vibrant color schemes of past eras. While Torch Red  – announcing their fierce independence, resurgent spirit, and fiery passion – continues as their primary color, an electric spark has been introduced to the palette. Volt Green will prove an unmistakable calling card on the court, speaking to the fearless innovation and vibrancy Atlanta is known for. Georgia Granite, with its deep character and bold strength is reminiscent of the surrounding Georgia stone, and True White hints at the Southern charm and hospitality still present in the backdrop the city.

Check out some of the work below and head over to for an up close and personal look and the new duds! Enjoy!












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