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Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

Prospective clients approach our agency all the time and ask us to “create a brand” for them. This request is usually followed with the details of how they want their logo to look. It’s obvious that many folks associate their logo as their brand. But it’s not.
A logo is a symbol. An identifier. It’s vitally important, as it will serve as the face of your brand, but it’s not the brand itself. Neither is signage, your letterhead, or the products or services you provide.

So what is brand?

Your brand is…… you. If your logo is your “face,” then your brand is your personality and your character. It’s the culmination of the stories of who you are. It’s essentially everything you (or your company) represent.

Your brand is how others feel about you. You can certainly try to influence their feelings by clearly communicating who you are and what you’re about, by creating meaningful brand experiences for them, and by paying attention to all the “touchpoints” of your brand, but ultimately it’s still up to them.

And your brand is a clutter cutter. The marketplace – every marketplace – is crowded. The authenticity of a true and relevant brand, clearly communicating and connecting with the right people, will cut through all that clutter and separate you from the crowd.
Your brand can be planned, strengthened, nurtured, and conditioned, but it can’t be designed. Your logo can be designed – and that design will be determined by your brand – but not the other way around.

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